ID Card & Lanyard

Today, ID cards are used for much more than basic photo identification. New technology has enhanced the level of security and functionality of ID cards, and made them ideal for applications ranging from student IDs and employee badges, to cashless payment cards, access control, and much more.

  • [Image: Photo ID Cards]
    Photo ID Cards :

    From student and employee IDs, to drivers' licenses and government credentials, photo ID cards help to enhace security for a wide range of organizations and applications.

  • [Image: Proximity Cards & RFID Cards]
    Proximity Cards & RFID Cards :

    Adding convenience and heightened security to ID programs big and small, proximity cards and RFID cards contain embedded electronics which can store sensitive information and perform a variety of functions when waved in front of prox card readers.

  • [Image: Employee ID]
    Employee ID :

    Employee IDs can serve to identify workers and also protect facilities. Depending on the needs of the company or organization, they can be very basic photo badges, or highly secure and functional ID cards with embedded electronics such as smart chips.

  • [Image: School ID]
    School ID :

    Student ID cards help to protect schools and campuses from potential threats, while also serving a variety of convenient functions. Many schools now integrate student ID cards with everything from meal plans and vending machine payments, to library checkout and dormitory access control.

  • [Image: Access Card]
    Access Card :
  • [Image: Barcode]
    Barcode :
  • [Image: Card Holder]
    Card Holder :
  • [Image: Horizontal ID Card]
    Horizontal ID Card :
  • [Image: Lamination ID Card]
    Lamination ID Card :
  • [Image: Lanyard MultiColor]
    Lanyard MultiColor :
  • [Image: Lanyard Normal]
    Lanyard Normal :
  • [Image: PVC Card]
    PVC Card :
  • [Image: Sticker ID Card]
    Sticker ID Card :
  • [Image: Vertical ID Card]
    Vertical ID Card :
  • [Image: Yoyo]
    Yoyo :