Retail Products

  • [Image: Currency Counting Loose Machine]
    Currency Counting Loose Machine :

    Fast and Accurate Counting, Automatic Start / Stop. UV Detection with Half Note - Auto Detect, Double Note - Auto Detect, Batching, Adding Mode (0 to 999), Preset Mode, Dust Collector, Easy Operation, Digital Display. Customer Display – Optional, Counting speed over 100 sheets per minute. Power consumption less than 90W. Customer Display will be available.

  • [Image: Bundle Currency Counting Machine]
    Bundle Currency Counting Machine :

    Heavy duty & high speed operation with auto and manual control of counting. High precision accuracy with alarm for errors. Special dust collecting device inbuilt in device. Counting modes – Check, Batch, free, stamp, add. Counting speed 1500 notes per min. Hooper capacity up to 200 notes.

  • [Image: Paper Shredder]
    Paper Shredder :

    Cross-Cut Shredder, Strip Cut Paper Shredder, Paper / CD / Credit Card Shredder; Xerox Care etc. These paper shredders slice the paper into long, thin strips and are handles a higher volume of paper. Shredding Capacity 5 sheets. Alternative Shredding CD Rom, Floppy Disk & Credit Card, Electronic paper detection, Steel blade ensure thorough cut with  Low noise.

  • [Image: Safety Lockers]
    Safety Lockers :

    The outer body 3 mm thickness , inner body 2mm thickness and doors of 6mm thickness. Fire resistance mineral wool thermal insulation used inside the safety lockers .User selected dual password for independent operations by two persons, Password selection through alpha-numeric keys to a maximum of 9 characters Change of password facility. Feather touch operations with audio-visual indication Alarm facility for 3 minutes duration on the 4th attempt, followed by auto-freeze for 5 minutes Low battery indication-external battery provision for emergency door opening in case of total battery failure Non- volatile memory enables password retention even when the battery is removed.

  • [Image: Biometric Lock System]
    Biometric Lock System :

    Fingerprint lock is a stand-alone, battery-operated lock that can be programmed for up to 99 users. It has three access methods – that is fingerprint, pin code and mechanical key for emergency use. Fingerprint Capacity - 150, Password - 450, ID Number – 240, No other hardware needed, and standalone Adopts LED (Light matting Diode) technology with three master-print.

  • [Image: Guard Alert]
    Guard Alert :

    Electronic Guard Alert generates alerting beep at fixed/random interval (as selected by user).  32 Character two line digital display and in system clock to maintain time and calendar. Keeps the record of last seven days, can be viewed at any time. Separate response unit to keep main unit out of the reach of guard.  Audio visual alert signal. Any failure on resetting the attention alarm (interval of 15- 30 minutes) by the guard, is registered and can be rechecked by the supervisor.

  • [Image: Guard Patrol]
    Guard Patrol :

    Physical: Metal Body, Molded Rubber shell. Communication: USB Cable. 57600 BPS, 4000 records per minuteCompatible i-Button and RFID reading mode, Strong, Durable, Provided with metal contactor. Low power consumption Long battery life Build-in silicone case which is both shock-resistant and water-proof Flash Memory and 4MB capacity

  • [Image: Mobile Signal Jammer]
    Mobile Signal Jammer :

    It transmits low power radio signals to block the communication signal bandwidths in GSM, CDMA, PHS, DCS, IDEN, UMTS, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.Keeping you away from the noise or disturbance of unexpected cell phone calls or SMS in the class time or meeting time. Mini-size medium power cell phone jammer. Low weight and Nice texture and color To block wireless phone communication links within an effective area. No transmissions or receptions of cell phone call in coverage area. All specified frequency bands will be blocked simultaneously.

  • [Image: Two Way Walky Talky]
    Two Way Walky Talky :

    PMR446 radios – license free. covers Up to 6km range (subject to terrain and conditions), Free Calls, 8 Channels, Scan/Monitor, LCD Display, Belt-Clip and Carrying Loop.

  • [Image: Two Way Counter Communication System ]
    Two Way Counter Communication System :

    Two Way Counter Communication System is designed for easy and effective conversation. It consists of an attendant unit, a customer unit, and a power supply unit. Compact and elegant table top attendant unit with 20’’ long gooseneck microphone for strain-free usage. This facility prevents the attendant from being disturbed by unwanted outside noise.

  • [Image: Road Hump]
    Road Hump :

    Road humps are devices placed in the path of traveling vehicles. They are used in many communities to keep a uniform and low speed on a residential street or to reduce speeds at specific locations, such as intersections or pedestrian crosswalks.