Metal Detector

 A metal detector is a device which responds to metal that may not be readily apparent. Uses include de-mining(the detection of land mines), the detection of weapons such as knives and guns (especially in airport security), geophysical prospecting, archeaology and treasure hunting. Metal detectors are also used to detect foreign bodies in food, and in the construction industry to detect steel reinforcing bars in concrete and pipes and wires buried in walls and floors.


  • [Image: Indoor Door frame metal detector]
    Indoor Door frame metal detector :

    Metal Detector is designed to detect both ferrous and nonferrous metals concealed on a person in any conceivable manner. The search-coil and control module are housed in and aesthetically designed archway which can blend into any sophisticated décor. High 'Q' tuned resonant circuit. Lockable Single set control knob for initial setting with respect to immediate vicinity and environmental conditions. Three level visual indication of metal detection through 10mm LED. Audio alarm with volume control on detection. Walk/Stop Indicator. Detect all metals even when concealed in Ferrite container.

  • [Image: Outdoor Door frame metal detector]
    Outdoor Door frame metal detector :

    Materials and displaying: Adoption of PVC composite material through special production process, which is waterproof, fireproof; The ultra-large LED displaying panel, convenient for the work of the operator. The LED monitor embedded at both the left and right sides of the gate leaf can accurately indicate the prohibited articles which are hidden at the places of human body with corresponding height. The alarming areas can be indicated by the column lamps at the both left and right gateposts.  High capability of anti-interference. It can be connect with computer and the result can be display on the computer. 

  • [Image: Indoor multizone Door frame metal detector]
    Indoor multizone Door frame metal detector :

    Multi zone detection ( Six / Four zone ).AUTO SET, micro controller based, PC compatible ( optional ).Keypad for program settings Individual zone sensitivity adjustment Continuous in active mode, system health monitoring and fault indication Intelligent counter - IN / OUT / NET Audio / Visual (LCD and LED array on side panel for each zone) Safe for cardiac pea maker, film and magnetic tape.

  • [Image: Outdoor multizone Door frame metal detector]
    Outdoor multizone Door frame metal detector :

    Microcontroller based Weatherproof detector with six zones(levels) from top to bottom of the frame. It detects all metals & ferrite. Four programmable sensitivity selection. Big LCD screen, Audio/visual indications on metal detection. plug in type card. Inbuilt battery back up. Digitally controlled sensitivity, threshold, & volume. Zone Display On front Panel with human symbol. PC compatibility (Optional).

  • [Image: Handheld metal detector]
    Handheld metal detector :

    Detects minute quantities of gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, mild & stainless steel are detected effectively. Ultrahigh sensitivity & stability. Operates on disposable dry battery or on rechargeable battery Built-in Battery charger. Indication: ON, Metal detected, battery Low.PVC molded body, gives high strength & sturdiness & light in weight. Continuous operation 80 hrs.

  • [Image: Handheld metal detector]
    Handheld metal detector :

    Unique Handheld Metal Detector is able to detect minute quantities of gold, silver and all other metals effectively. This is because; all the Hand Held Metal Detector models are highly sensitive. The body of this metal detector is of PVC mould to give high strength and sturdiness and is light in weight. Auto setting. High Sensitivity and High Accuracy. Detects all metals including non magnetic Stainless Steel. Totally indigenous. Spare parts and maintenance readily available. Audio / Visual alarm on Detection. Robust and user friendly controls and features.

  • [Image: Handheld metal detector]
    Handheld metal detector :

    HIgh Sensitive Scanning Circuit

    Visual and audio alarms