Biometric Attendance System

A biometric time attendance system is a biometric time clock that tracks employee attendance, including when they clock in, when they clock out, and if they showed up when they were scheduled to work.  It has a biometric fingerprint scanner built in that is much more accurate in time keeping that a time card or time sheets because employees can't clock in other employees. This helps prevent time theft and saves money for the company.

  • [Image: Standalone Fingerprint Time & Attendance Reader]
    Standalone Fingerprint Time & Attendance Reader :

    User capacity : 3000 Users and 100,000 Transactions, 2hrs Inbuilt battery backup. Multi language support, Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid / invalid fingers, Built in bell scheduling, Card, finger & Password based entry available. Inbuilt Network Communication via RS232 / RS485 TCP/IP Connectivity, Downloading Data Backup to USB Port Device Configure via WAN Connection.

  • [Image: Face recognition Time & Attendance Reader]
    Face recognition Time & Attendance Reader :

    User capacity : 500 users and 150000 records, Camera with dedicated dual appearance. Accurate identification can also be realized in the dark, Good visual with colour display. Voice reported the registered names, it applicable as long as you have a face. Very fast & easy no need to press only to see. Inbuilt Network Communication via RS232 / RS485 TCP/IP Connectivity, Downloading Data Backup to USB Port Device Configure via WAN Connection.

  • [Image: I9C]
    I9C :

    The eSSL I9C Fingerprint Biometric System incorporates a 32bit High End Microprocessor CPU. It comes with a 500 DPI Optical Sensor. It is incorporated with the fast TCP/IP network communication in order to download or upload user records and attendance logs. It is provided with a USB port that allows administrator to transfer data when network is not available. It also includes an optional inbuilt proximity card reader. It requires a power of 5V DC, an operating Temperature of 0°C to 45°C, and an operating humidity of 20% to 80%. The I9C Fingerprint Biometric System has an identification speed which is less than or equal to about 1 sec.

  • [Image: VF380]
    VF380 :
    The VF380 comes at a time of change in the face recognition world with new hardware platform and latest 7.0 algorithm, allows faster enrollment and identification.
    Integrated RFID Technology adds a special value to this product. VF380 is a face identification T&A terminal with simple access control functions, which can connect with 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button. Face, PIN and RFID recognition modes are available. VF380 captures the relative position, size, and shape of the user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw features to ensure accuracy of the identification. All the settings can be easily done on 3-inch TFT touch screen. With a VF380 you can manage your workforce and access control efficiently.
  • [Image: X100]
    X100 :
    1.Good for up to 100 Employees 
    2.Office Desktop System 
    3. Stores 30,000 records in it’s Internal Memory 
    4.Track Employee Time (In / Out, Lunch, Breaks, Overtime, Holidays & Absences) 
    5. Set up Rules Governing How Employee Time is Accounted for (Rounding, Early In or Late Out, & Overtime) 
    6. Easy USB Plug N Play Connection 
    7. Free Software Update ? Payroll Feature Totals Employee Wages 
    8. Administrator Feature to Amend Records 
    9. Incomplete In & Out Reports 
    10. Export Reports to Excel & Many Other Applications 
    11. The Latest Bioelectronix Fingerprint Scanning Sensor 
    12. Employee Authentication Methods: Fingerprint or Pin Number 
    13. Fast Fingerprint Image Scan in Under 1 Second ? Sound Notification for Good or Bad Punch
  • [Image: SC405]
    SC405 :
    1.Size in mm:100(L)*129(W)*40(H)
    2.User Capacity: 10000
    3.Transaction Storage: 50000
    4.Electric lock control: Directness relay out put 3A/12VDC
    5.Card Reader: Inbuilt EM RFID(Proximity) Card reader/Smart card
    6.Supports external 26 bit Wiegand reader for exit
    7.No external controller required