Access Control System

Access control is a system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer. Access control systems are physical or electronic systems which are designed to control who has access to a network. The most simple example of a physical access control system is a door which can be locked, limiting people to one side of the door or the other. Several security companies specialize in providing access control systems and supporting hardware and software for companies of all sizes.

  • [Image: KF 160]
    KF 160 :


    Face Capacity : 400,ID Card Capacity : 1000(Optional) ,Push Data : Yes,Record Capacity : 80,000,Display : 2.8 inch TFT Screen,Communication : TCP/IP, USB-Host,Optional Function : MIFARE Card,Work Code,Power Supply : DC 12V 1.5A,Verification Speed : <=1 Sec.

  • [Image: F 18]
    F 18 :
    Fingerprints Templates : 3000,Transaction Storage : 30,000,Card Capacity : 3000,Card Reader : Inbuilt proximity card reader,(optional Mifare),CPU : 32 bit High End,Microprocessor,Fingerprint sensor : 500 DPI Optical Sensor,(Optional Secugen STQC certified sensor),Identication Speed : <= 1sec,Algorithm Ver : 10,Display : 2.8” Color TFT,Keypad : Yes,Schedule Bell/Speaker : Mini Speaker,Communication : TCP/IP, USB,RS485,Push Data : Standard,Standard Features : Work code,SMS,DLST,,Self Service Query, Status Switch,Power Supply : DC 12 V , 1.5Amps
  • [Image: K 30]
    K 30 :


    Fingerprints Templates : 1000,,Transaction Storage : 100000,Card Capacity : 1000,Card Reader : Yes,Fingerprint sensor : 500 DPI Optical Sensor,FAR : <=0.0001% / FRR : <=1%,Identication Speed : <= 1sec,Algorithm Ver : 10,Display : 2.8” TFT Sceen,Keypad : 4 x 4 Keypad,LED Indicator : Green/Red,Schedule Bell/Speaker : Mini Speaker,Communication : TCP/IP, USB-host,Standard Features : Inbuilt Battery Backup,Self Service Query,SSR Recorder, Automatic,Status Switch,DST, T9 Input,Power Supply : 12 V DC, 1.5Amps,Dimension : 185 x 140 x 30mm.

  • [Image: X990]
    X990 :
    1.ZK optical sensor,2.X990 Color TFT screen with GUI interface for ease of use,3.Stores 3000 templates and 100000 transactions,4.Reads fingerprint and/or PINS,5.Optional integrated proximity or smart card reader,6.Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer when network isn't available,Built-in serial and Ethernet ports,Multi-language support,SDK available for OEM,customers and software developers,10.Optional : Wi-Fi, GPRS
  • [Image: Iclock 990]
    Iclock 990 :


    Fingerprints Templates : 10,000,,Transaction Storage : 2,00,000,Card Capacity : 10,000,Card Reader : Inbuilt proximity card reader,(optional Mifare),CPU : 800 Mhz 32 bit Microprocessor,Fingerprint sensor : 500 DPI Optical Sensor,FAR : <=0.0001% / FRR : <=1%,Identication Speed : <= 0.5sec,Algorithm Ver : 10,Display : 3.5” Color TFT,Keypad : Yes,Schedule Bell/Speaker : Mini Speaker,Communication : TCP/IP, USB,,(Optional : Wifi, GPRS, GPRS+GPS),Push Data : Yes,(Support both static IP and domain server)Standard Features : Work code,SMS,DLST,Self Service Query, Status Switch,Power Supply : DC 12 V , 1.5Amps,Dimension : 210 x 157 x 40mm.

  • [Image: uFace 602]
    uFace 602 :
    Identification modes include Facial recognition, Fingerprint, RFID and/or Password,Elegant ergonomic design,4.3’’ TFT touch screen provides rich user experience and intuitive user interface,6 user-defined function keys,Relays for door access control and inputs for door sensor and exit button,Relay contact for external scheduled bell,Infra-red light source for camera enables face illumination in poorly lit,environments,Optional built-in battery backup provides approx 4 hours of continuous operation.,Optional built-in GPRS for wireless communication.Configurable Wiegand Output for connections to 3rd party access control panels
  • [Image: F12]
    F12 :


    F12 is a standalone Fingerprint Exit Reader supported by standalone Fingerprint System especially with X990.f18,Navkar Systems are counted among the leading supplier and trader of a wide assortment of Fingerprint based Biometric Exit Readers. It has low price with good performance, designed especially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products. Thumb based exit Reader have Compact design and longer service life.

  • [Image: KR 500 EIM]
    KR 500 EIM :


    KR500E : 125 Khz Proximity card Reader,KR500M : 13.56 Mhz Mifare card reader,Read Range : KR500E - Up to 10CM, KR500M - Up to 5 CM,Reading Time (Card) : <= 200ms,Power / Current : DC 6 - 14V / Max.70mA,Connectivity : Wiegand,Input Port : 2ea (External LED Control),Output Format : 26bit Wiegand (Default) / 26bit Wiegand (Default),LED Indicator : 2 Color LED Indicator (Green and Red),Beeper : Yes,Operating Temperature : -20°C to 65°C,Operating Humidity : 10% - 90% relative humidity non-condensing,Color : Black,Dimension(WxHxT) : 78 x 45 x 14mm,Weight : 50g.


  • [Image: Door Access Card]
    Door Access Card :


    Door Acess cards are integrated circuit cards that are used for door access and computer network access. Proximity card, HID card, Smart card, RFID card are available. Original chips with high quality.

  • [Image: Electromagnetic Door Lock]
    Electromagnetic Door Lock :


    Provided where Electromagnetic Door Locks are fitted to internal or final exit doors, and thedoor cannot be opened without using a swipe card,code or by operating a 'normal' release button. Holding force 300, 600, 1200Lbs. This lock is protected from Flame, Tamper & Weather. Operating voltage : 12V D.C.

  • [Image: U Bracket]
    U Bracket :
    These brackets are very reliableor, strong product,Consistent
    Easy to manage,Resilient
  • [Image: L Bracket]
    L Bracket :


    Used for EM-LOCK SUPPORT on WALL or fall Celling,These brackets are very reliable or strong product,Consistent,Easy to manage,Resilient.

  • [Image: Exit Switch]
    Exit Switch :

    Exit Switch

    We offer many types door release, such as Plastic door release, Stainless steel push button, Plastic Button and exit button.Panel with strongly style, applicable to hollow door . Stainless steel panel with strongly style, applicable to hollow door